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6 Session Program



About the Program:


A psychological treatment approach designed to prevent, manage and treat the psychological distress associated with anxiety and mood disorders. This is a 6 session structured CBT program designed to support an individual to move towards a higher homeostasis of health and well-being. Individuals will actively work on:


  • Developing awareness of one’s own psychological process;

  • Lessening the impact of negative and disabling thought patterns;

  • Disempowering a strong internal self critic;

  • Lowering physiological over arousal related to stress and anxiety;

  • Specific symptom management;

  • Processing emotional distress and unresolved issues;

  • Addressing interpersonal and relationship issues;

  • How to develop effective coping strategies;

  • Relapse prevention.


It  Also Incorporates:

  • Breathing & Relaxation Techniques;

  • Psycho-education;

  • Mindfulness;

  • A strong focus placed on the therapeutic alliance.


With an Emphasis on:

  • Investing in yourself: actively cultivating and maintaining psychological well-being over the lifespan; 

  • Developing a positive focus to your day;

  • Finding purpose in your life and appropriate goal setting;


What is the Commitment:


Each session is 50 minutes duration. Session 1 to 4 generally scheduled weekly, session 5 and 6 generally scheduled a fortnight apart. 


The program consists of 6 consecutive therapy sessions, based on the principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Hypno-Relaxation.  These are recognised under the Medicare Mental Health Plan as Focused Psychological Practices.  The primary aim is on symptom reduction and the development and maintenance of well-being. 

How do I refer:

Please feel free to phone or email Zoe to discuss your referral or to make an appointment.  

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