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Heal My Gut


Do you suffer with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS); or have a significant gut disorder such as Ulcerative Colitis or Gastroparesis?

I want to update you on how you can help your gut at home. There is now a growing body of research supporting the effectiveness of Gut Directed Hypnosis and Therapy for IBS. 

"Heal My Gut' Program"


  • A 6-12 week program of gut directed hypnosis depending on your needs.

  • Based on leading research on the brain-gut axis.

  • 12 longer hypnosis sessions to be played in order once a week for 6-12 weeks;

  • A shorter daily gut hypnosis session to reinforce daily progress; 

  • Learn to enhance your relaxation response.  

  • Use imaginal suggestions to relax your gut. 

  • Practice how to relax your gut every day.

  • Create a new brain-gut axis relationship based on a positive calming pathway. 

  • This program replicates the gut directed hypnosis program that I can offer in my clinical practice.

Gut-directed hypnosis and therapy actually aim to normalise brain-gut axis functioning. A recent study at Monash Medical Centre (who developed the low-FODMAP diet with Sue Shepherd) found that gut-directed hypnosis was as equally effective as a low-fodmap diet and people can experience a reduction in symptoms of up to 70%. Basically, four out of five people with IBS respond well to gut-directed hypnosis.


The research indicates some individuals respond very quickly to gut directed hypnosis, whilst others may not notice a response for quite a few weeks. It is a very individual process and it is also not uncommon to experience a slight relapse during the program before you start to improve again. Some people don't notice an improvement at first, especially if they are experiencing a very stressful time in their life; however they may find their gut is less affected by stress and would normally be worse at this time.


Hypnosis aims to weaken the conscious, often negative, hyper-sensitive communication with the brain-gut axis and replace it with a more positive, calmer, less reactive communication pathway. In addition, you may find that having IBS or other gut issues also means you have other chronic health issues, or struggle with anxiety, depression or ongoing fatigue. Research has shown that gut-directed hypnosis improves not only gut functioning, yet also extra-colonic features and may improve your psychological well-being and quality of life.  


Individuals suffering with gastroparesis; ulcerative colitis and short gut syndrome may benefit from this protocol. Gut-directed hypnosis will not impact on the course of your illness, but rather may help you feel more relaxed; able to cope and perhaps, provide a protective function in terms of buffering stress. There is a scarcity of research in this area, however in my clinical practice, individuals report experiencing positive outcomes.


Feel free to listen to the 60 second preview before purchasing

Hypnosis Preview - Zoe Leavitt
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