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Trauma Release Exercises (TRE)

TRE was developed by David Berceli (more info) It is a self-healing body-work process that Zoe takes you through step by step in-session.

It is basically a process of facilitating neurogenic tremors in the body to allow the release of tension/stress stored from our fight/flight/freeze response. It is an evolutionary encoded mechanism borne from our innate survival response and it is something ALL mammals do. 

Have you ever noticed yourself shaking after a shock of some sort or upon hearing bad news? This is your body's innate intelligence to try and restore you back to homeostasis by literally 'shaking out' the stress (neuro-somatic response). It is a way of addressing trauma/tension from a 'bottom up' process through the body's own wisdom and your own self regulation.

Indigenous cultures around the world used 'shaking' as a way of restoring balance to their nervous system. We have just 'forgotten' about this innate and unique self-regulating healing process. Furthermore, tremors are often seen as a sign of weakness or vulnerability in our modern culture so we will automatically suppress them. This was not always the case - the Samurai Warrior and the Kalahari Bushmen utilized tremoring for healing. In fact, the Kalahari Bushmen are known as the 'keepers of the shake' and it's an intrinsic part of their culture.

In-session Zoe will take you through a series of simple exercises to gently create muscle fatigue and subsequent muscle tremor. This then activates the brain stem to facilitate neurogenic tremoring which is involuntary and originates in the psoas muscle - the 'sentinel' muscle in our body. Once the neurogenic tremoring is activated, I will teach you how to appropriately regulate and gentle unwind your system. TRE can be practiced as a self-healing tool at home 2-3 times a week over your lifespan.

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