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Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon. We all go into informal trance states multiple times during the day such as when we are absorbed in a good book or daydreaming. It is essentially a certain type of focusing which allows the critical conscious mind to relax and the subconscious to be more accessible, so the body/mind can restore and be receptive to shifting into new perspectives more easily. 

Clinical Hypnosis is perfectly safe and you are always in control. It is a myth that hypnosis involves mind control and you can be coerced into doing things you don't wish to do.

Zoe holds a Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis by Australian Society of Hypnosis (ASH). Her training was specifically for psychologists, psychiatrists, and dentists. Zoe has written two articles that are being published in the 2018 Edition of the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis. 

Zoe can design hypnotic interventions that suits your needs specifically. Zoe has a particular interest in gut-directed hypnosis and oncology hypnosis.

Zoe also offers hypnosis for:

  • smoking cessation tailored to address your specific triggers and desired behaviour change;

  • stress and anxiety reduction;

  • deeper meditative trance states to elicit healing and calm (based on Ainslie Meares' seminal work),

  • weight loss,

  • improving self confidence/self efficacy,

  • behaviour change,

  • pain management ,


Zoe utilises the Manchester Gut-Directed Hypnosis Program which can improve symptoms for Irritable Bowel Syndrome up to 70% (see Gut Health section).

Zoe can also design hypnotic interventions for you that perhaps addresses an issue not mentioned here. Hypnosis is a fantastic life tool. 

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